28 July 2011

Dredd notebook

Yes folks, it's an A5 notebook with Stallone's head on each page.
I did use a page, just to deface Sly (at least he's wearing the helmet for this) but seeing as it already had a few pages missing when it arrived from America, I wasn't too bothered about losing another page!

We all go on about the lack of any merchandise from Urban's Dredd but at least we had quite a bit from the Stallone version. If only eh!

26 July 2011

Rogue Trooper Bobblehead

This is the last of the Genetic Infantrymen (GI), depending on what story you read but seeing as it's Rogue we'll stick with that.

Again the box is the same and the blister packet altered to custom house the figure.

I must admit after having a good look at these for the first time in many a year, I am impressed with all the details, especially as it's not what you would call a specialist figure costing £100 upwards. I think these were around the £15 mark but can't really remember, to tell the truth!

Here are Cliff's Designs for Rogue.

Again we have what seems to be a bit of a bonus detail added to this figure. Behind Rogue we have the head covering from a dead Nort on a cross, nice little touch!

Now that I've had another look at all these I just wish we had some other figures from 2000AD to play with. Just imagine all the ABC Warriors for a start!

25 July 2011

Johnny Alpha Bobblehead

Here's Johnny Alpha, from the Strontium Dog strip, plus the Gronk for good measure!

Again the packaging is the same as the others, just the blister packet being different to hold the figure securely.

Again it's all in the details and this statue has the best added detail, that being the Gronk clutching Johnny's leg, as he's terrified of most things.

Again, just before the actual pictures of the figure, here are Cliff's designs for Johnny.

23 July 2011

Mean Machine Bobblehead

Here is the Angel Gangs most feared member, the seemingly unkillable Mean Machine!
As with the rest, the packaging is the same, although when Mean arrived his claw was not attached, due to the blister packet. This was probably because it would have made the blister packet stick outside the front of the box (bad for transit). I've since glued this piece in place and so can't put it back into the box with the front cover on, as you will see from the second picture below.

Now for the pictures from all angles just to give you a better look at the figure. My favourite part of this figure is the stitching and scar left behind from his arm being amputated.

Once again, here are Cliff's designs for Mean, before you see the actual pictures of the figure.

22 July 2011

Judge Death Bobblehead

Next up is Judge Death and again, I really like the whole design work that has gone into this series. First up is the packaging, showing the figure inside and out!

Now for the figure itself, it's the little extras that help make this all the better. The pile of bones he's standing on, the Dimension Jump device on the back of his belt and of course the logo on the front of the base.

Just before the pictures of the figure, here are Cliff's designs for Death.

Judge Dredd Bobblehead

What is a Bobblehead?
It's a figurine with an oversized head attached to the body by a spring and when you touch the head, it bobbles about!

There are five 2000AD characters in this set from Cards Inc and first up is Judge Dredd.
Over the next few days the short posts will follow the other four, Death, MeanAlpha & Rogue! Each of these characters is secured in a blister packet tightly placed inside an excellently designed box.

All the boxes are the same, without the characters name on individually but the blister packet is moulded to each character, so it has a decent amount of protection during transit. The box stands 8" tall and each figure comes in at around 7 & 1/2", so there's no waste of space, as you can see!

The back of the box has a small  bio about each character and on the base it gives credit to the creators of all five characters, alongside the artist responsible for the bobblehead designs, Cliff Robinson.

Here are the drawings by Cliff for this Dredd figure.

I really like these, mainly because of all the details that have been added and because it's so quirky. Okay the paint job isn't the best around but I can live with that. I think I first saw these as prototypes at one of the Dreddcons in London and then they came out soon afterwards.

The base of figure has a small can of Boing, which adds a little nod to stories in 2000AD and at the front of the base has Joe's logo from the early years.

On the base of each bobblehead is the following stamp of approval. Again, nothing about each individual character but it supplies all the info you need about who made it and who it's licensed from.