24 February 2012

Planet Replicas Keyrings!

I'm sure you have all heard about Planet Replicas by now! What, didn't you read my post about the Judge Uniform here!
Obviously not everyone can splash out that amount of money, so these 2 items that are a little bit easier on the wallet.

Dredd badge:
Cast Metal Keyring, gold plated, with Metal Keychain
Approx Size: 45mm x 50mm x 3mm thick

2000 AD logo:
Vinyl Keyring, with Metal Keychain
Approx Size: 80mm x 50mm x 7mm

Now for a few close ups of each keyring.
You can see from the angle of this one photo the detail of the whole design. Everyone who has held one of these has been mightily impressed with it and this photo doesn't do it justice!

Where did this come from, I seem to have a prototype! This shows you the detail a bit better due to it not being so shiny.

  A comparison photo of the prototype and the finished item!

Measurements don't tell you everything but a 50 pence piece does!

One final photo just to show how shiny the Dredd one is!

Now why don't you visit their site and buy yours. Have a look at what conventions they are displaying at and you could buy them in person and then see what other goodies they have.

17 February 2012

12" Judge Dredd Statue

This is the statue that came out to promote the Dredd vs Death game (in 2003) licensed by Rebellion and Sierra. I bought mine at Dreddcon 3 (the one when I spent a small fortune on merchandise). Can't remember the price but it must have been around £30 but it goes for a little more than that now on ebay!

It was made in Germany and is built from high density polycast resin, it stands 12" tall and is taken from Jock's artwork. By the way, the cuffs are loose and give it that extra level of realism.

I think it looks pretty good, I put that down to the figure not being in a crap 'so-called' action pose!

Now for the pics. First up the figure, followed by the box and finally the figure in the protective packaging. When you look at the box, strangely it shows the same side picture twice but from slightly different angles!