21 June 2010

Keyrings (Egmont set)

This set of 12 keyrings came out in 1995, under licence from Egmont Foundation, as it says this on the back of each one. Again, I found these by pure accident when I was in town. I'm not absolutely positive but I think they were in Woolies and I just saw a display and so rifled through them to get one of each. Luckily for me they had all 12.

They are in 3 sets of 4, with 2 sets being very similar, using the same Dredd logo, either at the top or the bottom, whilst the other set has a different Dredd logo down the left hand side. When you turn the keyring over you see the same picture, only slightly duller, minus the logo and with a sharp quip type phrase over the top in black bold lettering. Also down both sides, in small writting is the Egmont Foundation info.

I only bothered to buy a couple of spares of the ones which pictures I liked, just in case I ever decided to use them. Obviously I've never used any, as they would get scratched!

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