3 June 2010

Judge Dregg

Drokk knows why this was produced by the person behind the Eggberts, but it was and I managed to find one by accident on ebay. It's absolute tat but lovely in a strange kind of way, I mean at least it's another Dredd piece.
If you want to go looking for more, just put eggberts in your search engine (I just did and I won't ever again) and behold the horror! I won't put a link up, as I don't want to encourage anyone to see such sights and I feel it would be better if you can only blame yourself when you type in the name.


  1. Ha! My first girlfriend bought me one of those and was really excited when she gave me it, bless her! I had to feign gratitude at being given such an erm... wonderful gift!

    Cracking post John, I forgot this egg-isted (sorry.)

  2. I know what you mean Pete. How strange that it's yet another item that just appeared out of nowhere.
    Obviously I had to get one because it exists!

  3. THIS was commercially available????? You're pulling Dredd's chain, right? It's Fantastic, but in a really awful way.

  4. Hi Cliff,
    It was one of those, if you don't know about it then you never will. I mean, who would put into google 'Judge Dredd egg' and no I didn't, I only found it by pure accident.

    Having looked at it again, I notice the badge of office is on the wrong side and also when I picked it up to look at the chain, there are only 3, THREE links, sacrilege! I'll let the buckle differences pass me by.

    I have seen a couple on ebay over the last few years and I was tempted to get another one, just for a laugh but I decided not to.


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