21 October 2011

Rogue Trooper statue

Okay, now that you've watched that here are some close ups of the statue.

A few close up of his equipment now, first up the combat knife.

Waterbottle and satchels.

Biochip 1 containing Helm is placed into his helmet, lucky that!

Gunnar was placed into his assault rifle.

And Bagman into his futuristic and very awkward to carry bergan.

Here is a close up showing what I meant about the white paint on the eyelids.

This just shows the actual number that I have out of 500

Lastly some pictures of the box. The first is of the box and the rest are cropped scans that I did, so you can see the detail plus you can read what is on the back and look at those 'classic' covers that I didn't really bother to show you in the vid.
Don't forget to click on any picture to enlarge it.


  1. I have number 77 of 500 for sale if anyone is interrsted

  2. Hey do you still have this?


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