15 September 2012

Dredd & Anderson Mega-Mugs

These two pint mugs (they only hold ONE pint) are the second pair of mega-mugs from 2000 AD who have produced many excellent LRD's (Liquid Refreshment Dispensers) but these are right up there with the best, due to the design work. Again these two were only available from the 2000 AD shop and were a limited edition.

Once you've added your postage and packaging, they came to £25:49 but I must say that the packaging is superb and there would be no way that these beauties would be broken on arrival. By the way, these took less than 5 days to arrive!

Again we have two of the 2000 AD greats on these mugs. On Dredd we have Mick McMahon while on Anderson, we have Dave Roach! I do love the background artwork on the Anderson one!

As with the other two if you look in the base you get an extra surprise, which you will see when you scroll down the photos.

Don't forget to click on any photo to enlarge it!

Again, I've included a normal LRD just to show the size difference!


  1. What's the cubic capacity of one of these bad boys then?

  2. It holds a pint and I shall add that info when I get a chance, as I'm at work now!

  3. I just checked and it mentions that in the first line but I will clarify it!


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