5 January 2010

Hell-Trek magnetic banner

I wanted something to go on the sides of the minibus on the way up to Inverness just to advertise who the occupants of the vehicle were. So I decided on getting some of those magnetic banners made, like the ones that you see on the side of vans and the likes.
I searched the web and took some advice off fellow boarders (about getting the reflective finish) and finally found a place that was very reasonable. To get two done (they come in pairs) cost just under £80, which I think is okay!

I put the word out on the forum and quick as a flash Michael Carroll ( Yes, the one and only excellent Dredd writer) came back with the following design.

We decided that the Thrill Suckers would be a bit strange for motorists to figure out so ditched that idea. I then asked Michael if he could put some 2000 AD characters heads across the bottom, for ident purposes. He came back with the next design, which is the one we finally went for.

Once everyone said they liked it I sent the jpg off to be made into the actual banners. It took less than 10 days for the finished items to arrive. I unwrapped them and tested them on the car and radiators and they worked a treat.

This is what it looked like on the side of the minibus!

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