4 January 2010

Why the 'Cellar of Dredd'

I suppose I better explain the title of my blog.
It's the place where I store all my Dredd/2000AD merchandise (I have started putting some stuff in the attic, but it's primarily the cellar) that I have bought over the years.

I've been reading 2000AD since programme 1, which I saw come into the paper shop where I worked as a paperboy. Since then I was hooked and when I left the forces my collecting started, slowly at first until I went online and then it took off.

I frequent both 2000adonline and 2000ADReview's forums where I am known for my addiction to collecting. At the moment I reckon I have 95%> of what's available. I don't go for many T-shirts anymore as most of the designs I don't like and I hardly wear more than a few any more and I only buy the TPB's if one takes my eye as I have all the stories in the comics and they are all easily at hand.

The top picture is of the models that I have and is about 5 years old (I think) and there have been many additions, so I should really take some new pictures.

The one above is the main cabinet and contains numerous items from both the comic and the film. This also has had extra items placed in it. There is another display cabinet just to the right of this and this is quite a mess and needs to be sorted out. It contains my Judge's helmet off Termight Replicas.

The videos on youtube are all out of date now but are worth a look just to see what's available to Dredd/2000AD fans.

The cabinet above is of all the miniatures that I have collected and these are only the painted ones. Again I have many new ones that have swelled the collection.

I also have them all in their original packaging. I always try to buy them when I see them painted, saves me doing a bad job!

I have numerous other items that to start listing would take me for ever, so I reckon I may do a few posts on groupings of items in the future. Some on the ones everyone knows about and then some on the obscure stuff.


  1. That is a mighty impressive collection, sir! Sheesh and I thought I had a lot between my Progs, Star Wars and Conan memorabilia.

  2. Out of all the things to collect Dredd/2000AD is one of the easiest, mainly due to the finite amount of merchandise you can buy (let alone find).
    I do sometimes feel sorry for people who collect merchandise from the more well known ranges, as that's when you need the big money!
    By the way, glad you like it.


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