9 April 2010

Judge Dredd Movie Viewer.

Now this item arrived in the post prior to the films release. It was in a plain brown envelope with nothing inside to say who it was from, or why it was sent to me. Still to this day I have no idea who sent it to me, although I'm glad they did!

It's designed as a keyring, although way too bulky for my liking. It has the cinema release date and the Guild logo on the main body. The button above the logo operates the actual film reel.

You can see from the view of the right side the switches that slide back and forth. One controls the sharpness and the other moves the aperture up and down so as to get the picture running smoothly across the eye.

This shows the way the film runs around it's housing on an eternal loop. I have just checked that it still works and it does show a decent picture, for what it is (so long as you have a bright light behind it)

This final picture shows the battery area along with the eye piece on the main housing. Laying down next to it is the actual spool of film, you can see the actual frames quite well through the piece that sits next to the aperture, when securely in place in the main housing.

When you place a AA battery inside and press the button you can watch the 30 second trailer. Obviously there's no sound, well apart from the clicking noise as the film travels through the viewfinder.

I just wish I knew who sent it to me, as it still remains a mystery to this day!

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  1. What a cool little item. Maybe it arrived on Feb 14th so the sender remained a secret?


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