5 May 2010

Judge Dredd Stamps

I bet this has caught a few of you out, yes a couple of Dredd stamps. Still, not the comic Dredd and one without the helmet on, aaaaaargh! Nevertheless, stamps all the same.
I was informed about these from Rob, who runs the 2000AD collectables site (pop over and have a look). Again, this is something you would never find, even if you looked for them, as they came under Stallone's name and not Dredd's. I think it was an ebay shop, if I remember correctly and it was quite cheap, just the postage from from the US being the costly part.

Here he is, NOT wearing his helmet. The horror of it all....

Just to finish this off correctly, here is the full set depicting Stallone from a few of his films, that Tadjikistan obviously enjoyed.


  1. Yes, had seen the stamp sheet before but hadn't got it.

  2. And as an added bonus you get to lick Sly's backside. I thenk yew...;)

    You have to wonder at the meeting of the Tajikistan stamp committee that greenlit those John. "More fermented goat milk Post Master General?"

    Really enjoying this blog Mr.Burdis, keep up the good work.


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