20 May 2010

Mean Machine bust

This is a life size bust of Mean Machine, one of the members of the Angel family. I came across this on ebay one night and managed to get it for the first and only bid, which was a pleasant surprise. If you ask me some collectors just don't show true commitment!
The paint job is excellent, apart from the eyes (I'm sure I'll get someone to correct those, one day) and it does need a slight trim on the metal skull plate join but otherwise it looks quite good. Looking at the skull now, I wonder if I could pass that off as a badly welded joint, LOL
When I was looking at the item on ebay I noticed that there was a link to the sellers shop and he was selling these for over £100, unluckily for him, he put the starting price at £49.99.
Seeing as I know bugger all about model making I can't tell you what it's made of but it's very light and is filled out with that expanding foam stuff.
Anyway, here is the all round view of Mean, enjoy!

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  1. It's made out of vinyl. Halcyon released a series of 1/6 Judge Dredd vinyl kits in 1993. It is probably from around the same time, vinyl lost popularity in the late '90s. Most new models are resin, and are very heavy comparatively.


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