8 October 2010

Judge Dredd - The Game Of Crime-Fighting In Mega-City One.

This is the first in the Dredd Role-Playing range from Games Workshop which came out in 1982 and it contains the following items -

Playing Board x 2
Rules Booklet
Umpty Candy Card Album
Judge Cards x 6
Perp Cards x 28
Crime Cards x 28
Sector Cards x 21
Action Cards x 54
Playing Pieces & Die

This was an ebay buy as I wasn't a collector at the time, plus I was just leaving school around this period and preparing to join the forces, so I had other things on my mind!

The box itself

The box lid has Dredd surrounded by his earliest foes, obviously and it's drawn by Brian Bolland. The base shows the game set up for play with the contents list and also a small write up on the game. It mentions that the age range is from 8 to adult with 2-6 players, it also adds that the playing time is between 1-2 hours.

Playing Board

The playing board comes in two pieces, that slide together and show 28 sectors from Mega-City One. These include Palais De Boing, Justice Department Armoury, Alien Zoo, Aggro Dome, Grand Hall of Justice, Resyk & the Academy of Law amongst others. The artwork on the gaming area is by Ian Gibson.

Rules Booklet

This booklet tells you everything you need to play the game under numerous headings - Equipment, Preparation, Starting the game, The game turn, Movement round, Arrest round, Replenishing cards, End of game & Winner.
It also has a section called Action cards - Special notes and this goes into some detail about how to use certain cards during the game.

Umpty Candy Card Album

This takes no part in the game but gives background information on the Sectors, Crimes & Perps and it also shows the combat values of the Crimes & Perps.

Judge Cards

These cards identify the players to their playing pieces.
The game start card identifies the player who will move first in that game turn.

Perp Cards

There are 28 of these cards, ranging from level 1 Gestapo Bob Harris to level 10 Judge Death

Crime Cards

There are also 28 of these cards, which range from 1 to 6 depending on the seriousness of the crime in question. For instance littering is 1 whilst murder is 6.

Sector Cards

There are 21 of these cards and they show all the sectors on the board except the Starting Sectors (Grand Hall of Justice, Academy of Law, City Hall, Justice Department Armoury, West 17 Test Labs & the Spaceport) and the Justice Department Hospital.

Action Cards

There are 54 of these cards and they depict various actions and items of equipment that effect the Judges during the course of the game.

I would put a picture up of the playing pieces but seeing as they are not even Judge shaped I won't bother, they are just handbell shaped pieces of plastic. At least the Rogue Trooper game had Rogue shaped playing pieces, more of that to come in the future.

Also included in the box is a flyer for 2000AD

The last thing I will say on this game is that there are always some on ebay and for quite reasonable prices.


  1. ahhh...spent many a fine hour of my 12th year playing this great game and listening to The Who with my mate Dan...lovely walk down memory lane!

  2. Hah! My mate still has this. I remember playing it twice and winning both times. We never played it again.

  3. I still have my set which i got when it first came out and the playing pieces are little judges. Anyway - great game, I still play against my brother occasionaly, and great blog - thanks, Steve

  4. Had this as a kid. God knows where its gone now.
    Gonna file this away in my head with my Horror Top Trumps. If I try not to think about them too much I wont end up spending a fortune on ebay to get them back just so the wife says "I dont get it"

  5. I still have this game up in the attic. Great memories of playing it (and the Dredd RPG from games worksho[ that my elder bro had!) :-D

  6. Ah, the horror of the Parsey card... best used in a double-team with Nikita Kramm, top Sov-Block agent.

  7. I picked up a copy of this game last year. It came with little Judge playing pieces.

    I have a picture here:


    They were not supplied stuck to those black tiddlywinks, I did that to increase stability.

  8. Sorry to pull up this necro thread, but I recently got ahold of a copy of the game and I'm trying to restore it to it's former glory. Alas the first page of rules is missing. Does anyone have a readable picture I could copy the text from?


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