1 June 2012


If you are a visitor to the 2000 AD forum you will have noticed that one of the newest members actually worked on the film. His name is Michael Van Kesteren and he was part of Altered States and did the manufacturing side of things including props, bits of wardrobe and little bits of set dressing here and there!

I asked Michael if he had anything at all from the film that I could have, as I'm a firm believer in the motto 'If you don't ask, you don't get'. I was very happy to pay for it, even down to bits of call sheets and the likes.

To cut a long story short Michael was coming over to the UK and so I met him at Cardiff Comic Convention where he gave me this superb T-Shirt, as worn by the CFX team. I was well chuffed and wanted to get him a few drinks later in the bar but alas he was not well, so I will put those drinks on hold until we meet again!

Here is the T-Shirt as worn by me with a few close ups.

The above pictures were taken by my wife under duress!

The company CFX was in charge of fabrication during Dredd. Michael and his collegues were working for them doing designs and some actual fabrication too!

The actual design for the top was by Andre Human who has drawn the South African graphic Novel Ma which looks quite stunning.

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