25 May 2012

Judge Dredd Poster/Flag

This Dredd item came out in 1995 and was produced by Fast-Line (can't find anything about them on the web). It mentions on the box that it's called a 'DRAP-O' along with the measurements - 60cm x 180cm.

Obviously this was released for the Stallone film due to the date but when you look at the way they have written Dredd, it matches many other items from that era.

The artwork is by Cliff Robinson and it looks like it was taken from his Judge Dredd Style Guide from 1990.

There is nothing else to say really, so here are the pictures!


  1. Hi John, just found this blog while looking for some Dredd images. Great site, it's a fantastic resource. Thought you might be interested to learn about this recent album by Geoff Barrow of Portishead- "Drokk: Music inspired by Mega-City One". It's basically a soundtrack to an imaginary Dredd movie.


  2. Cheers. I have bought the CD and two of the T-Shirts already. They will be on the blog soonish!


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