14 May 2012

Dredd & Death Mega-Mugs

These two, individual pint mugs, are part of a long tradition of 2000 AD producing LRD's (Liquid Refreshment Dispensers). These two were only available from 2000 AD shop but not any longer, so unlucky for missing out. Some people may think that £25:49 for the pair is a bit steep but it is quite reasonable compared to items from other companies and remember these are pint mugs.

I love the designs on both of these and having one of the past masters Brian Bolland, along with one of the new, Henry Flint is a great idea. Bolland has done Death while Flint, Dredd. Now the exterior looks great but there is a funny surprise inside each mug on the bottom, which you will see as you scroll down the pics. Well done to the design team!

One last thing, they took less than a week to arrive, in extremely secure packaging, so don't worry if you think they may arrive broken, they bloody well shouldn't!

Don't forget to click on any picture if you want to enlarge it!

I've included one of the normal size 2000 AD mugs in this shot so that you can see the size difference!


  1. You're quite the salesman, I now want for my coffee in the morn.

  2. I just show more of them than the official site. This means (as you correctly say) that more people might be tempted!


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