7 March 2012

The 2000 AD 35th Anniversary Panel - Cardiff Comic Expo 2012

On the weekend of 25th/26th of February 2012, Cardiff held a great weekend for comic fans, under the banner of Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo. During this convention one of the largest and funniest 2000 AD panels took place.

The hosts for the event were Stacey Whittle and Iz McAuliffe, co-producer of the convention. On the panel were  Mike Carroll, John M.Burns, Rob Williams, Gordon Rennie, PJ Holden, Dave Roach, Mike Collins, Mick McMahon and Patrick Goddard.

The following two videos are the panel, excuse the angle but I didn't want loads of audience heads in the shot, so I had to take it from the side. The problem with this, is that a certain Gordon Rennie obscured a few panel members but you can still hear them easily enough.
Also just as I set the shot up I thought that Stacey and Iz would be sat down at the end of the panel but they decided to stand, hence poor Stacey is out of shot!
Remember to turn off your mobile phones, as you wouldn't want to disrupt the panel and one last thing, don't enlarge the screen too much, as this was taken on my non HD video camera!

I hope you enjoy this talk as much as we did on the day!

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