9 November 2017

1/6 scale Tharg action figure from 3A

Tharg is the first figure from the 2000 AD range of figures from 3A

This figure came out as a limited edition (more on that later) and was sold out within 48 minutes of it going on sale. This 'Limited Edition' has Tharg emblazoned with the 2000 AD logo from when it first came out in 1977. It's on his left breast and also on the belt buckle. The next version will have the more up to date logo! EDIT: This never came to fruition!

Okay where to start, I suppose the packaging that the action figure arrived in is the logical place. The protective cardboard box has the McMahon artwork on the front, so you knew what was inside the brown box straight away. It also says what number you figure is, mine says 192. The box itself is extremely sturdy, so I doubt anyone will have had a crushed figure arrive.

Next up, the display box itself. This looks superb and has definitely had a lot of work put into the design of it. Tharg's head by McMahon is on the front, covering at least 2/3rds of the lid. The rest of the lid has the 2000 AD logo. Tharg's name and 3A's branding at the top. The sides have similar logo's strewn across them. The base of the box has Tharg's head covering the whole thing plus a bio of him and some translations of his language.

Name: Tharg
Homeworld: Quaxxann, 6th planet in the star system Betelgeuse
Age: Indeterminate but ancient
Special Powers: Green skin: Rosette of Sirius (a sub-space communicator implanted on forehead)
Occupation: Editor and inspiration of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic

Some Betelgeusian sayings

Borag Thungg: Galactic Greetings
Splundig Vur Thrigg: Farewell
Zarjaz: Fantastic
SquaxxDek Thargo: Friend of Tharg
Quaequam Blag!: My Goodness
Ghafflebette: Out of this world
Floriz Grabundae: Many Thanks
Scrotnig: Thrill-Powered
Frognum Gruelisi: April Fool!
Grexnix: Idiot or un-zarjaz person

Okay now we get to the figure itself. Well it's Tharg that's for definite but on the whole I am underwhelmed with the build quality of the body itself. The head is a good sculpt of the modern day editor but the Rosette of Sirius seems to stick out slightly too far for my liking.

Also the actual figure has no hands or feet attached, Action Man manages this easily enough. The boots and gloves come off with the aid of ball & socket joints! The gloves have no hands inside and the fingers are all joined together. As for the feet, there ain't any inside the boots, so the stability of the figure is ruined. By the way you also get a spare right hand, which is shaped to hold the plastic cups!

Here's a short video, which has been added to the blog after a good five years, so I might have mellowed, compared to the write up!


The body itself is multi-jointed with the addition of extra movement on the torso itself. You have a moving joint for the chest and one for the stomach (this may be the way these figures are built these days but I'm comparing this to my Special Forces Action Man).

One thing I noticed upon opening the box was the smell of the two piece suit. The weathered look adds a nice touch but some of the stitching left a lot to be desired, especially on the jacket, around the yellow stripes. There are threads everywhere but you can burn those off, if needs be! Saying that, I think the suit is the best part of the figure.

Now we come to the belt, with it's six cup holders, very reminiscent of '58 pattern webbing pouches' and all in yellow. The pouches do actually contain a cup in each of them as an added bonus but why, I don't recall seeing the green one store cups on his belt!

Now I'm glad I bought this figure but I won't be buying the new logo Tharg if that goes on sale, for the same price. I feel the whole fiasco with not knowing what the amount is for this limited edition is a bit of a con. How do I know it's 'Limited' seeing as there is no known number for the buyer to say that he has number 87/100 or such. For all I know there could be hundreds of these figures and I'll never know!

So what do I think overall, well it comes to something when the packaging is better than what's inside, I'll leave it at that. I will only be buying from the Dredd range in future and shall leave the ABC Warriors for other collectors. I leave you with where I feel Tharg fits in my collection!

This was written a few years back and we have seen things change with the 2000 AD line, in both what is coming, or not coming and how these figures are being released. I've been very happy with the figures since this first one came out and look forward to seeing what figures they add to the line. 
Also, I did buy the ABC Warriors due to their build being so good. See how things change!

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