20 November 2017

Judge Death statue by PCS Toys

This is the second statue from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and it's Judge Dredd's most famous perp, JUDGE DEATH!
Death was designed by Brian Bolland but this statue is taken from a poster by Garry Leach and it's drokkin' stunning. Here's that very poster!

The info from PCS Toys about this statue is as follows:-

From Rebellion Interactive's series, 2000 AD, the leader of the Dark Judges, Judge Death comes from an alternative dimension where "the crimes is life, the sentence is death." This museum quality Polystone statue is depicted in epic 1:3 scale, standing 21" tall, strictly limited to 275 pieces worldwide.

The "Death Sentence Edition" includes three additional interchangeable pieces, a 'Grinning Head' an 'Impaled Judges Helmet' and an 'Impaled Angel Gang members head'. In addition, this statue comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. This is limited to 125 pieces worldwide

Here's a video of me showing off the Death Sentence Edition, so you can see all the extra bits.

Now for the obligatory pictures and as always, click on the first to open up the slideshow!

As said in the video, I wish his leathers were darker, or at least the same colour as the helmet. Apart from that and the gravestone, this is an excellent statue.


  1. beautiful death statue, you dont have the Judge Dredd: ABC War Robot Hammerstein Statue do you? would love to see an indepth vid of that.

    1. I do have that statue. In fact, I have 2 painted ones and an untouched one.
      I'll sort a comprehensive review in the near future.


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