16 June 2010

Aspen Prison Shuttle chair!

Yet again my constant scanning of ebay paid off, when I found this surprise! I watched it until the end and put in the starting bid of £80 and I won it, with no challengers (I love you lot). It was over in Tonbridge, so I rang the seller up (Keith Stubbs, if I remember correctly) and we arranged for me to pick it up. That night at work it was a bit slack, so I borrowed a van and drove over to his house to collect it.

When I arrived we had a good old chat about Dredd and 2000AD in general and I admired his collection (he even had a few things that I'd not seen before). We had even bidded against each other on ebay before, as I recognised a prototype Death, with part of his hand missing (I won the Dredd).

The funniest bit was when he told me that his wife had said that no-one would buy the chair, she hadn't met me, lol.

The only parts that are missing are the shoulder restraint that goes over the prisoners arms towards the front and the padded protective section that goes over the very top bar, these movie stars are a soft bunch.


  1. I have a similar chair, although not used in Dredd. Does anyone know which aircraft they're from?


    1. Hi Andy.

      I was always lead to believe it was a pilots seat that came from a military helicopter. I don't know why but the Bell Huey sticks in my mind.
      I've had a look on the web but can't find the exact seat that this is but many of the images are similar, which proves it's a military helicopter.


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