11 June 2010

Dredd wall mural

This is one of the truly fantastic bits of Dredd merchandise that I have, in fact it is so good I have two of them. It was produced in 1987 by Slapstik (I presume) and if I remember correctly, with no fanfare (again).
I have opened one very carefully (so as to replace the staples in the correct holes), just to see what it looks like on a wall. It does look superb but is a bugger to stick initially.

The instructions are on the back and they are quite easy to follow. You have to push out the shapes, with a bit of help from some scissors. You then use a bit of soapy water to moisten the rear and place into position. You may have to hold it in position for a few seconds to aid the adhesive effect but that's no big deal. To

remove you just wet the shape and peel off, simple indeed.
Like I said, I did put one up but due to having a child I can't risk that again, after all he might draw on it! The overall size of this item is 6ft x 4ft so it will take up quite a substantial area on said childs wall. Even I don't think my wife would let me have this in the front room!

I can't remember the price that I paid for them but the first one was found in a cheap'ish shop and the second on ebay a while back. I know that I didn't pay much, as yet again no bidder stepped up to the mark.  Remember folks, you must scan the web at least twice a day to see what's on, just in case a buy it now Dredd item pops up.

Just had a reminder from Pete Wells that this comes from the 1981 Judge Dredd Annual cover and it's by Brian Bolland.


  1. I remember having one of those on my bedroom wall, back in my youth. It was the pride of my bedroom.

  2. I wish I had had one of these in my youth, you lucky devil.

  3. hi- i have one of these murals to sell - I'm based in Glasgow - get in touch csrosser@yahoo.co.uk


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