26 July 2010

2ft movie Dredd model

This was another of the many 2000AD/Dredd related anniversary presents that my amazing wife has bought me over the years. It's a fully built and painted 2ft tall Dredd in the style of the Stallone movie.

In the years when I used to buy Model & Collectors Mart and scour it from page to page for merchandise I found this in one issue and so asked Carolyn to get it for me, I can't remember exactly how much it cost but I think it was less than £100. I prefer to buy models fully finished, as I'm crap at all that building and painting malarkey. Once the cheque was sent off I waited for it to arrive, sadly this was not to end well.

When the parcel arrived I asked Carolyn if I could open it straight away to check it and then put it away for the anniversary, I'm glad I did. As soon as I opened the parcel I could tell it was broken, as the head was too far over to the right. I picked out all the packaging and the head was snapped off at the neck and the torso was broken. How could this happen, it was packaged so well and extremely securely, I was not impressed to say the least! How on earth can those postie gits not understand the meaning of 'FRAGILE' all over the parcel. I rang up the place I bought it from and they said send it back and a new one would be sent out.

I went to the postal collection place and said I wanted to return the parcel, to which the lady said it would cost. Before she could finish I said I don't think I'll be paying seeing as you lot broke the model in a parcel that said Fragile and was sent recorded delivery. After a short Mexican standoff she relented, it was the only outcome that I was going to accept anyway.

A couple of weeks later the new model turned up and it was undamaged, thank God. It now resides in the dining room stood on top of one of the bookcases, along with 3 other models that are allowed out of the cellar.

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