22 July 2010

Judge Dredd Novels (Virgin)

This run of 9 books came out between 9395 and I ordered mine through Waterstones. Not bad as when a book came in they rang you up to let you know, nice bit of service.

The series consisted of the following books :-

The Savage Amusement by David Bishop, cover by Cliff Robinson
Deathmasques by Dave Stone, cover by Sean Phillips
Dreddlocked by Stephen Marley, cover by Arthur Ranson
Cursed Earth Asylum by David Bishop, cover by Arthur Ranson
The Medusa Seed by Dave Stone, cover by Sean Phillips
Dread Dominion by Stephen Marley, cover by Cliff Robinson
The Hundredfold Problem by John Grant, cover by John Higgins
Silencer by David Bishop, cover by Frank Quitely
Wetworks by Dave Stone, cover by Steve Sampson

Now I could rabbit on about each book and what I thought of it but seeing as I have only read them once and that was the day they came out, I wouldn't be able to do them justice. I also read them in such a way as to not put a crease in the spine, as that would ruin the book and the more you read them the greater the risk of damage.

Anyway, I did enjoy the variety of the stories and the supporting characters that helped flesh out each tale. It's just a pity that these books finished after such a short run and we had to wait many a year for the next batch of novels from 2000AD but not by Virgin.

I'm sure you'll be able to find them on ebay nowadays, so what are you waiting for go and buy one now, or you will never find out how Dredd manages to........


  1. I loved these John. Savage Amusement, Deathmasques and the brilliant Dread Dominion were by far my favourites.

    There was one book, I think it was Dreddlocked that had a bit of a faux pas - Dredd climbing to the top of the Twin Towers in the undercity. Hmmmm, written in much more innocent times...

  2. if anyone can tell me where to get a copy of dreddlockedit would be appreciated. its the only one i dont have.


  3. Actually... I was just reading up on 2000AD-related novels recently, and prior to the current crop they were published by Black Flame, an imprint from Games Workshop.
    When that was ended in 2008 the rights to that series were purchased by Rebellion, who have made them available via eBooks.
    The current plan seems to be to release eBooks and then (selectively) publish them in print editions.

    1. I've seen those popping up on the Kindle recently. Great way to get those stories back out to the masses and a wee bit cheaper!


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