20 August 2010

2000AD Phone Covers

This set of four phone covers was another buy at my most productive Dreddcon (the one where I filled two black sacks with goodies). Made in 2002 (for that is the date on the packaging), these are another quiet release by 2000AD. Sadly for me I didn't have a mobile at the time so there was no need to buy a spare Dredd, otherwise I would have bought the appropriate phone and used the bloody thing.

The set consists of Judge Dredd, Judge Death, Durham Red & Mega City Punk, I have no idea why they would choose a punk. I mean how many characters are there in 2000AD and they pick that! Still better to have a set than not!

Anyway here are the four covers laid out for you to look at, enjoy!


  1. Strange though it may be, I do like the Punk one. Who's the artist for thAt one, Hairsine? Murray?

  2. Oh, and I remember being gutted at the time. There was a company that allowed you to upload and make your own covers. It was quite pricey but I made myself a Dredd one (using a Greg Staples Dredd.) About a week after I did it, these drokking oficial phone covers came out - grrrr!

  3. I can't quite tell who the artist was for that one Pete and I've just re-checked the packaging and the cover at close hand for a name or signature and there is none. The rest are easy to tell, mainly due to them being iconic pictures in themselves and used so many times!

    Perhaps someone will inform us!


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