13 August 2010

News of the World Dredd Story

This is the story that appeared in one of the national papers as the film was about to come out and I actually had to buy the News of the World, just to cut these out, the things I have to go through for my collection.

It's written by John Wagner and drawn by Ron Smith and if your eyesight is poor just click on the first image and you can enlarge each part of the story. Amazingly Dredd manages to keep his helmet on for the first two installments!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that tale!

Edit :- I asked John Wagner through his Facebook page how this came about and his reply was as follows :-
"I was hoping you'd never ask me that. The commission came from the film producers, who owned the rights to the film script. They also chose Ron Smith. Despite deep reservations about the script I have to confess that - greedy and lacking in principle as I am - I did it purely for the money. Other work has paid more handsomely thanks to later royalties/film deals etc, but on a work for hire basis that strip remains the most lucrative thing I've ever done. Not that it paid a fortune, mind, but it only took four days."
      Thanks to John for being so forthright with his reply.


  1. Hmmm, I find it strange that Wagner would write this when he was so vocal about how poor he thought the film was. Ron Smith's artwork is amazing though!

  2. Not that strange. Wagner has praised the new Alex Garland Dredd screenplay even though it's a blatant Die Hard rip-off. I've read the screenplay, no joke or lie, it really is a Die Hard rip-off (with some Matrix type bullet time added). Wagner's an amazing writer, his body of work for 2000AD is as good as it gets, but I think he's a bit of a hypocrite. If he hated the original film as much as he said he did, why do the adaptation? I'm sure he didn't need the cash (not for that writing job anyway). I don't believe Wagner cares about a Dredd film. He's never seemed that enthusiastic about seeing Dredd on the big screen. Just my opinion, of course. :)

  3. Was that adaptation of the movie really in the Star? I could have sworn I read them in the News of the World's Sunday magazine.


  4. You know what Worldshown, you could be right. I have loads of cuttings from 95 from all the papers and they are all in their own folders.
    These were in the Daily Star folder, I may have put them in the wrong folder many moons ago but that would mean that it took 4 months to run it!
    Shall I change the title....mmmm best do a little more checking up!

    Edit It was NoW, OOPS
    Title changed.

  5. Lovely Ron Smith art though! And the film is something of a very guilty pleasure!

  6. Wagner explains on his Facebook fan page why he took the Dredd film strip assignment. He's very honest about the reason!

  7. Thanks, it was me who asked the question and I've added it to the piece. He's quite forthright in his reply, which is something you don't often see nowadays.


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