20 August 2010

Tharg bust

This was something I found by accident whilst searching through model mags in Smiths. I used to pick up a mag, scan through it and write down and phone numbers or addresses of any 2000AD item quickly (nowadays you could take a photo on your phone but in those days it was pen and paper).

It stands 17cm by 13cm, so it's not too big so as to take up valuable space on display. Not much more to say about it really, as that's all there is to tell. Don't know who made it and I've only ever seen one other and that was painted and somewhere online!

Still needs to be painted but that is the way it will stay, mainly because I'm a shit painter, as you will see in future blogs!

If anyone wants to have a go at painting this, I'm happy to oblige!


  1. This bust was sculpted by Jason Brookes.
    Cast by Jason Andrews who funnily enough used to live your way in Grecian St.
    When the Film And TV Model Club was at its height these are the sort of things we had as club kits,though this was made as a stand alone venture between the two Jasons.
    Also made was the huge Dredd bust with the dark judges round the base, that was sculpted by Andy Brown and cast by Jason again.
    Heres mine painted up, follow this link below, if you want I'll paint yours for you. Let me know via the blog and I'll get in contact.
    Best, Ian Ward, captainskannk on the tooth message board.


  2. John , don't use the link above ...it may cause an overload ;) so awesome items ..Fatboydale

  3. I am up for that Ian, in fact I have quite a few models that need painting and a few that need repainting, LOL!
    I have that other Dredd bust with the 4 Dark Judges also, as if you couldn't guess and amazingly it's painted!

    Fatboydale, I did look at that link and I shall be looking at it many a time over the next few weeks. It's like torture porn, LOL!

  4. If you look at the picture numbers 42 through 62 are mine plus the Tharg.
    Gives you an idea of my painting skill (??).
    Do you like?


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