25 February 2011


Remember the good times when this event came onto the convention calendar, I have a tear in my eye just thinking about these. Anyway here's a sadly missed blast from the past!

November 11th 2000
Posthouse Bloomsbury
Coram St

Admission £5 (£4 in advance)

This was the begining of the Dreddcon's and what a beginining it was! This was advertised in both 2000AD & the Meg, plus SFX & Comics International. The events ran from 12:00 until midnight (if you stayed for the party). I just stayed for the daytime events, mainly because I didn't want to carry a load of merchandise around with me all evening!

Events List :-

12:00 - Art Droids Panel
13:15 - Art Auction
13:30 - Tharg + New Droids
14:30 - Script Droids Panel
15:15 - Art Auction
15:30 - Dredd Panel
16:30 - Alan Grant
17:30 - Tharg's Pitch Fest
18:30 - Now That's What I Call Zarjaz!
20:00 - The Tharg Awards
22:00 - Party


13:00-15:00 - Colouring Masterclass
15:00-17:00 - Painted Art Masterclass
14:00- 17:00 - Portfolio Sessions

The above scan of the events may be hard to read but there was a list of guests and so here is that very list, remember not all turned up due to unforseen commitments (also the new droids are above in the 13:30 event and they include Laurence Campbell, John Charles, Patrick Godard, Steve Roberts, Wayne Reynolds & Ben Willsher among others tbc).
Main List :-
Carlos Ezquerra. John Wagner, Alan Grant, Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons, Bryan Talbot, Dan Abnett, Barry Kitson, Kev Hopgood, Steve Yeowell, Robbie Morrison, John Burns, Brett Ewins, Mark Harrison, Henry Flint, SB Davis, Arthur Ranson, Duncan Fegredo, John Higgins, Mike Carey, Mark Buckingham, D'Israeli, Colin MacNeil, Fraser Irving, Christopher Weston, Mike Collins, Peter Doherty, John Smith, Peter Hogan, Richard Elson, Jim McCarthy, Anthony Williams, Greg Staples, Cliff Robinson, Jock, The Mighty Tharg & many more....
I can't remember who was there and who wasn't to tell the truth, as it was all a blur to me.

There was also an awards ceremony (as seen above) and here is the voting form. Don't bother filling it in, as you are a few years late!

Well that's all for the first Dreddcon, I didn't take any photo's and there are none on BARNEY either but if you click on the title of this article you will see some shocking pictures of Judge (Wake) Dredd with way too many links in his chain, Judge Hershey, Judge Anderson and the bearded movie Dredd.
I can't really say much about the whole day as I don't remember much about it, mainly due to the high I was on!
By the way, here is my ticket for the event :-

Obviously I didn't write on it, what do you take me for!

By the way, if any of you were there, what happened and did you take any photos?


  1. Oh, my God - Kevin as the movie Dredd. Thanks for that, will be having nightmare's tonight for sure

  2. I was there JB but didn't stay long (I was young and stupid!) Here's what I remember - lots of the 2000AD figures with Rogue and Mean Machine prototypes in a glass case. A rolling sweep of Mega-City One for the Dredd vs Death game which got me very excited. The announcement that the first 2000AD film to be made was going to be Outlaw!

    Bah, if only I had a time machine!

  3. I was there and when Tharg did his talk at the end it was absolutely hilarious. Not too sure there should have been children present though. I remember chatting to Siku and having him sign his doodle for me (not an euthanism) Simon Spurrier doing his pitch followed (or preceded) by a strange man in a strange hat whou seemed a little high. I remember it was great and should be repeated SOON


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