11 February 2011

Titan Books - The Pocketbook Series

This series of 5 books from Titan came out in 1988 and they cost  £2.95. I think these are absolutely excellent, in fact I would put them up with the Case Files that are being published now, mainly as these are just miniature ones.
Obviously you can already see that book 1 is Judge Dredd Vs The Dark Judges. The other 4 are as follows :-

Book 2 Vs Otto Sump
Book 3 Vs The Fatties
Book 4 In Monkey Busines
Book 5 Vs The Midnight Surfer

Book 1 contains the stories Judge Death from progs 149-151 & The Dark Judges from progs 224-22 8. Stories by JohnWagner with art by Brian Bolland

Rear cover

Here is a picture just to show how it looks inside, as you can see nothing is different but the size. I didn't flatten the pages, as I like all the spines uncreased! I've also realised after re-reading these, that some pages are in the wrong order from the 'Dark Judges' story. It happens straight after Dredd and Anderson penetrate the shield surrounding Billy Carter Block!

Now for the rest of the series -

Book 2 contains the stories Sob Story from progs 131-132, The Ugly Clinic from progs 186-188, Who Killed Pug Ugly? from prog 203, Gunge from prog 280 and Smart Sweets from prog 436. Stories by John Wagner & Alan Grant with art by Ron Smith.

Book 3 contains the stories The League of Fatties from progs 273-274, Requiem for a Heavyweight from progs 331-334 and Magnificent Obsession from progs 440-441. Stories by John Wagner & Alan Grant with art by Carlos Ezquerra, Cam Kennedy & Ron Smith.

Book 4 contains the stories Monkey Business from progs 184-185, Portrait of a Politician from progs 366-368, Dredd Vs Krong from prog 5, The Ape Gang from prog 39 & The Trouble with Sonny Bono from Prog 208. Stories by John Wagner & Alan Grant with art by Carlos Ezquerra, Mike McMahon, Ron Smith & Ian Gibson.

Book 5 contains the stories Unamerican Graffitti from progs 206-207 & The Midnight Surfer from progs 424-429. Stories by John Wagner & Alan Grant with art by Ron Smith, Cam Kennedy & Brett Ewins.

You may have noticed that the first 4 have John Wagner's signature on them, that was from a DreddCon and I didn't have number 5 at that particular period in time. I will rectify this next time I see him, if I remember that is!

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