18 February 2011

Mega City 1 - Book of Law

I came across this one day on the 2000AD forum and just had to get one! I enquired about the book and then followed the info that was given to me and went across to an old site that I used to frequent and found what I needed here on the MegaCity Justice forum.

I contacted Kevin Ericon and placed my order in for two, well I might use one and the pair only cost £50 from the US.

Not long after they arrived and I was very impressed with the quality, they look spot on compared to the one Stallone holds in the movie.

They measure 6.25" x 4.5" and contain 384 pages of lined paper, with random municipal codes printed across the bottom of each page.
There are 10 municipal codes in total and they are repeated. This kept the costs down on the production and it looks like some are actually taken from the film.

Code 213: Willful destruction of property. 2 years.
Code 310: Illegal possession of assault weapon. 5 years.
Code 457: Resisting arrest. 20 years.
Code 3613: First degree murder of a Street Judge. Death.
Code 7592: Willful sabotage of a public droid. 6 months.
Code 4722: Illegal use of city electricity. 2 years.
Code 5478: Jay-walking. 100 days to 2 years.
Code 6024: Illegal possession of sugar. 1000 credits to 2 years.
Code 2819: Driving under the influence of caffeine. 6 months to 2 years.
Code 2047: Illegal parking. 3 to 10 months.

This is what the actual pages look like -

I'm sure you'll agree that it's not a bad fan made copy of an item from the film and who knows there me be some left, if you want one. Saying that I did see one on ebay the other day.


  1. I have this book : he is wonderful :)

    Your dredd collection is beautiful

    I am a french fan of stallone

    If you have a fews minutes look my sly collection here :


  2. Those books are great. Out of my price range for a notebook Im afraid, but still pretty tempting.

  3. I want it!!!
    Where can I get it!!!

    Send e-mail to: michiel_singer@hotmail.com


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