3 August 2010

Mutants in Mega-City One

This amusing record was released in 1985 by two members of Madness (Smyth/McPherson). It came in three versions, a 7" & 12" version and a 7" picture disc. The cover of all  three versions is an iconic picture of Dredd with his Lawgiver drawn, by Brian Bolland. The rear is another Bolland piece, Fink Angel and Ratty emerging out of a manhole and looking at a poster showing the lyrics to the actual song.

Here are the words in close up.

The 7" single looks exactly like the two pics above but has a different number at the top right on the rear of the sleeve. My version has a few creases and that's why I didn't put it as the main picture on this post, as you will notice below.

If you want to enjoy this ditty, then watch this video and after it finishes the actual mutants make a visit on childrens tv.  Video

By the way, here is the picture disc. Slightly different on the rear but otherwise the same two pictures.

Enjoy the song!


  1. If I remember correctly Mr Bolland never saw the original art again.

  2. It seems a shame that artwork can just vanish so easily. I wonder if it's framed and hanging in some collectors house?

  3. It was bugging me where I read that story so I hunted it down to 'The Art of Brian Bolland' published by Image thru Desperado.

    In it he says:

    After I did the artwork and they'd paid me for it, I was wondering when I'd be getting the artwork back. I went to see them and was perturbed to see they'd mounted it on the office wall. I explained that, technically, if they wanted the artwork they have to buy it off me. We agreed on a figure - but I never saw it.

  4. Hi Do you know how much you would expect to pay for a 7" single?

  5. It's not going to be much, even the picture disc would be for less than a fiver, as there is no demand and so prices are low. If the Dredd movie takes off things might go up in price but that's the risk you take.

    Saying that there is a normal 7" going for £2:99 on ebay and a 7" picture disc asking £29:99.

  6. This came out around the time I first discovered 2000AD as a primary school kid. I knew of the single but didn't hear it at the time. Was desperate to as I was Judge Dredd mental. Finally got a copy as a teenager and turned it off after 30 seconds in fear that someone else might hear me listening to it. Awful, awful song. I don't think I've ever played it the whole way through and that was just the 7" version.

    A nice curio for 2000AD fans to own but never, ever put it on.


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